Balloon dipped pumpkins: lou & pepper try the trend

This weekend finally began to feel a little like Fall here in FL...emphasis on "little." It was a brisk 60 degrees this morning when I dropped the kids off at school.  To some of you this may not be much, but to those of us who have endured 90+ degrees for the last 5 months, this is a welcome haven of delightful air quality.  In fact, even my husband (who lives his life in cargo shorts) put pants you know it is a big deal!

Because of the shift in temperature, we decided it must be time to start acting like it is Fall around our house.  So we hit the pumpkin patch this weekend and broke out the Fall decor to start matching our surroundings to the season. Growing up in New Hampshire and experiencing the seasons until his late-teens, my husband has always made a big deal about it not "feeling like the holidays" and so that is why he is never motivated to get things done in a timely manner.  Having grown up in FL, I cannot share in his frustration, so I can only blame our lack of decorating until now on procrastination.

Besides procrastination, another big issue for me is my unfavorable attitude toward the color orange.  Adding orange into my existing decor is just not something I am interested in doing.  And I am not one of those people who changes out their curtains or pillows for every holiday (Christmas is the only exception).  So I was looking for ways to match my Fall decor to my existing decor and low and behold I found...balloon dipped pumpkins. 

Some of you may have seen them on other blogs or covers of magazines so feel free to step away from your computer now. But for those who have not, I am going to show you how easy it is to create these little gems in any color your heart desires.

First you need to gather up your balloons and pumpkins.  Look for mini pumpkins...balloons will only stretch so far.

Now, cut the tops of the balloons off to the rounded part.  The bigger the pumpkin, the larger the balloon you will need to use.  I used 11" for the mini pumpkins and 24" balloons for the small ones.

Cutting balloon.JPG

Now stretch the cut balloon over the bottom of the pumpkin and Ta Da!

The great part about this is balloons come in so many colors and patterns and so if you need to match your existing home decor or you are having a party in a particular color scheme or you are just funky and fun and want to mix it up, have at it....

Pink + Yellow...sure!

Lime Green Polka Dots + Gold Stars....why not?

Teal + Purple....absolutely!

Happy Fall and happy decorating!