How can a flamingo help teach a child how to eat healthy?

When you donate an item to a charity auction, you donate out of the goodness of your heart or as I like to say, “to make your heart happy!” You will probably find out how much it raised for the organization or program through a thank you letter/tax receipt. You may get to attend the event and see it on display and witness the bidding. You may even get to meet the person who bought it and congratulate them as well as thank them for their donation. But as party planners, we got to take it one step further….

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In November of 2016, we donated one of our custom Party in a Box (PIAB) packages to Florida Hospital for their Golden Gala event. The event draws 2000+ people each year and Lou & Pepper decided it would be a good way to get our name out, as well as raise some funds for the cause. Golden Gala is a phenomenal event and thanks to a friend on the Florida Hospital for Women board, I have had the pleasure of attending for the last 3 years. Our PIAB looked great…so colorful, so stylish, so quirky…everything L&P is right there in a box. And it didn’t get one bid. :(

My business partner and I chalked it up to the demographic and the lack of focus on a particular theme on our part (we had offered it as a custom package so the display wasn’t really what the person got, just a display.) So you live and you learn, and we made our plans for next year.

Fast forward to the end of May and I got a phone call from Karla. Lo and behold, she had won the item on the auction at Florida Hospital’s other large fundraiser, Gourmet Soirée, and was calling to see if we could create something for her daughter’s end of the year pool party in just one week! Karla said her daughter Alyssa was so excited to bid on our item specifically for the pool party. What else could we say…of course Lou & Pepper was going to make it happen! A quick email to gather some information about theme and specific needs (Alyssa LOVES flamingos!) and off we went to prep for the party!

The party décor was a fun and girly tropical vibe…lots of pink, palm leaves, gold and of course flamingos! We focused the décor on the family’s outdoor dining area (a dream venue for party planners) but made sure to carry the theme into the pool with an oversized flamingo float! Alyssa and her gal pals had such a great time and we had a lot of fun putting it together.

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In the end our Party in a Box helped raise funds for vital programs at Florida Hospital for Children’s health and wellness programs that educate children about good eating habits and healthy life choices. Learn more about Florida Hospital, the Florida Hospital Foundation and their fundraising events.

So there you have it…that’s how flamingos can teach a child to eat healthy!


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