3,2,1...Blast Off

Are you looking for an out of this world theme for your next party? Get ready to explore a whole galaxy of options for the perfect Space Party!

Space Party full shot.jpg

Whether your little astronaut is a boy or girl, baby or teen...a Space Party is the perfect theme!

Start with some spectacular space-themed party decorations to set the tone of the party.

Young explorers will love fun space themed games that keep them interested and expending energy

Dock the space shuttle - Have kids make their own space shuttle. Kids can practice "docking their shuttle" by flying their planes to a designated landing zone.

Shuttle Gliders

$4.99 for 12

Pass the Mars Rock - Players sit in a circle with one player holding a "Mars rock" (rock, bean bag, etc.). The music begins and the Mars rock is passed around the circle until the music stops. The player holding the Mars rock when the music stops is out of the game. The music begins again and the players continue with the game until there is only one player left.

Flying Saucer - Let kids decorate their "Saucers" using DIY frisbees like the ones below. Separate into two teams and choose from a variety of the classic ball games: Frisbee golf, Frisbee football, Frisbee tag or just let their saucers fly!

DIY frisbee

$11.99 for 12

Add a STEM aspect to your older child's party to make the theme come to life....

Companies like Mad Science, offer science based parties at your choice of venue. Perfect for ages 5-12, their interactive laboratory experiments keep kids entertained and excited about science. The rocket-based party would be a perfect addition to the Space theme...they teach about propulsion and even shoot a real rocket in the air!

No party is complete without Space Eats!

Beyond the cake and cupcakes, there is a whole world of fun space eats to include in your party. But, let's be honest...what is a party without the sweets!

Rockets - make them out of fruit (bananas and grapes with a strawberry on top) or out of a hotdog (wrapped in brad dough with a triangle of cheese on top) either way, they are a must at a space party.

Stars - grab your cookie cutter and go to town! From actual cookies to sandwiches or fruit to veggies, stars are an easy way to shape your food for the theme.

Check out our Space Party Blueprint featured in the May/June issue of Playground Magazine for more ideas. Click HERE to view the whole digital issue.